Street Chats
The Battle in the streets
A street chat is a small pro-life outreach in which abortion-abolitionists visit an area of high foot traffic with signs and literature, and attempt to engage passersby in discussions about abortion.  In a sense, it's GAP on a small scale. 

Almost any activity that doesn't impede traffic or present a physical danger to people is legal on a public sidewalk.  Furthermore, people who are walking are often in less of a hurry than those who take vehicular transportation, so it's quite likely you will find someone who is willing to talk to you.  For those who aren't, we have the signs and literature. 

Wouldn't it be something if the sight of pro-life advocates downtown became a common thing in all our communities?  Wouldn't the mere presence of so many passionate people force the public to take notice and start questioning the morality and legality of abortion?  We think so, and this is why we want to get a team of activists operating in every section of every city in America. 
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