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What is the state of America's soul?

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When will I have justice?

It's never been so easy to kill people.  100 years ago, who would have thought that warfare could wipe out nearly a quarter of the young male population of a continent?  70 years ago, who would have thought that a government would nearly succeed at exterminating an entire race of people, or that a single bomb could destroy an entire city?

40 years ago, who would have thought that one day the leading cause of death in the world would be parents murdering their own children?

Abortion used to be unthinkable.  Surely, only the most depraved of individuals would seek to murder her own children, and then only under the most desperate of circumstances.  Surely, no modern government would sanction infanticide.  Surely no modern society would grow so decadent as to accept something like abortion as normal.  The world is full of evil, but there are limits to man's depravity. Widespread, legal, socially-accepted child killing?  This should not happen.  Killing your Unborn baby should not be legal.  

Yet today we awaken each morning and discover that this nightmare scenario is real.  As you read these words more than 3,200 American women are voluntarily killing their own children.  This is unprecedented.  It has never happened before.  
For those of you who are not aware, here are some basic facts about our present reality:

The current annual rate of surgical abortion in America stands at 1.2 million.  That’s about 3,200 babies every day.  Just under 25% of all American pregnancies end in abortion, and since 1973 over 55 million children have been killed.

Please take a moment and really think about those numbers.  55 million is more than 4 times the number of people exterminated during the Nazi Holocaust.  And this total does not include the unknown numbers of chemical abortions that occur as a result of contraceptives like Plan B.  Thus, the real total is undoubtedly far higher. 

It is perfectly legal, in almost every state, to kill an unborn child up to the very day of birth. Those children who are not killed chemically in the first few weeks of pregnancy are sliced up with surgical knives, sucked out through vacuum tubes, torn apart with pliers and, in the case of partial birth abortion (which still occurs!) pulled half way out of the womb, punctured through the skull with a stainless steel scissors and get their brains sucked out.

Do not make the very common mistake of lumping abortion in with all the other problems that plague modern society.  Substance abuse, the teen drop-out rape, pornography and homosexuality are all terrible things, but the primary person they hurt is the person who chooses to participate in them.  Divorce, child abuse, poverty and gang violence hurt numerous innocent people, but only abortion kills at least one person every time it occurs.  Abortion is in a class of its own.

Do not make the mistake of thinking this is just a pagan problem.  43 % of all abortions in America are done by Christians.  15% of these women who abort identify as evangelical or “born again”, and another 28% identify themselves as Catholic.  Some people imagine that a real Christian would never have an abortion.  We reply, would a real Christian own a slave or endorse the destruction of Jewish property?  Many sinful anomalies have been carried out by past generations of believers, yet we do not automatically question the legitimacy of their faith.  

Do not make the mistake of thinking that we’re somehow winning.  Yes, the rate of surgical abortions has dropped since its peak in the mid eighties.  However, the rate of chemical abortion has increased during the same period.  The death rate remains astronomically high.

Several conclusions follow.  They are not opinions.  They are not negotiable.  As painful as these facts are, we must be willing to admit them if we ever hope to end abortion.   Often pro-lifers will agree with the raw data we've mentioned above, yet somehow fail to draw the obvious conclusions we list below.  If you make that mistake, you will never fully appreciate much of what we say from this point forward.

  1. We are surrounded by murderers.  About 15% of the adults you meet today have chosen to kill at least one of their own children (higher if you live in a minority neighborhood).   They are your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, perhaps even members of your family, or even yourself, but they are murderers.  The fact that many of them did not fully comprehend what they were doing, that many regret the decision, and that some have since repented, does not change the fact that a murder occurred.      
  2. America is not a righteous nation.  We may still love the USA, but it ceased being a righteous nation on January 22, 1973.  Previous to the 20th Century, no nation since Imperial Rome practiced the killing of babies on such a scale.  We have sunk lower than any nation has sunk in nearly 1,600 years.  This is NOT an exaggeration!  It does not matter how well we treat our born citizens; so long as the Unborn are being slaughtered, we are worse than France under the Reign of Terror, Israel during its idol-worshiping period and Spain during the Inquisition.              
  3. America is not a peaceful nation.   America only looks peaceful to us because we ourselves are in no immediate danger.   Despite the wars, revolutions and crime so prevalent in other nations, most of them have not exterminated 17% of their population. We have.                                                                                                        
  4. Ending abortion will require the involvement of large numbers of people. While it is true that “one plus God is a majority” and “a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world” we would be naïve to assume that abortion will end without a massive social uprising.  Movements to stop injustice start small, but they must grow in order to be successful.  In general, the bigger the injustice, the greater the number of reformers required. 
  5. Ending abortion may require a response that is historically unique in the form it takes and the level of sacrifice demanded.  There is no precedent for abortion.  How do you stop something like this?  We can learn much from studying previous reform movements, but all comparisons fall short.  As this is a totally new type of injustice, so ending it will require a radically new expression of love.  Many, many people will need to change their lifestyles in radical ways.   It will be painful. We may need to employ tactics that have never been used by reformers before.  No moral method is off the table. 
  6. If we do not end abortion, God is likely to judge America.  We are not prophets, but we know that God does not let this sort of widespread wickedness continue indefinitely.  As our guilt is so much greater than that of any previous generation, and the sin so incredibly unique, we should not be surprised if His judgment outstrips the judgment He brought to any previous wicked society, or if it occurs through a means never before witnessed.
Coming to grips with reality is the first hurdle to overcome.  Because we haven’t done so.  Not yet.  No matter what we say, most of us don't fully comprehend the utter uniqueness of our situation.  We do not realize that this is no longer a normal world, and that we do not have the luxury to behave like it is.   We are living in the middle of a nightmare, or more accurately, a holocaust.  We need to WAKE UP!  The Christian Church must become fully engaged in the fight for the lives of the Unborn. They must Run 2 The Battle.

    This is not reality - it is a façade.           This is reality

Now that you understand what we're dealing with, it's time to learn something just as shocking.  


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