Running to the Battle

How, then, do we alter this situation?  What steps must Christians take if we are to wipe the blood from our hands and begin living as the Body of Christ ought to live? 

The response of each Christian will vary.  Yet what does not vary is that almost every Christian must do something consistently and measurably on a daily or weekly basis.  Considering the gravity of the situation this is not too much to ask.
  Once again moral consistency comes to our aid.  All we have to do, really, is imagine how we would live if the victims of abortion were not unborn babies but born children and adult men and women. Whatever we would do on behalf of the born, we must do on behalf of the Unborn.

Consider what it means to "follow Jesus".  Jesus asks us to leave all that we know and all that we have in this world and follow Him (Matthew 10:37).  The decision to follow Him, as the Bible teaches, costs us everything. Yet Jesus does not leave us abandoned in an impoverished state.  He says come follow Me and I will give you a new name, a new identity, a new Father and brothers and sisters, a new hope and a new home in Heaven. We find life and find it more abundantly.

The call to follow Jesus into the Battle for the Unborn is no different. It will not be easy nor comfortable and for some it will even cost them everything, including their lives. Yet the promise remains the same.  We are God’s hands and feet here on earth and we must be about our Father's business.

We believe there are three basic "paths" that Christians may follow in order to end abortion in the quickest way possible: The Vocational Path (full time activists), The Pastoral or Church Path and The Individual Path (everybody else) All three are essential, but you might be surprised to learn that the Individual Path is the most essential of all. 

Before we go into the details of what each Path entails, we must warn you that no path is easy; each will require changes and in some cases drastic changes to the lifestyle and/or worldview of those who walk it, and each one will lead in a direction opposite that which the world and the flesh wants to go.    

We can not nor does God want us to continue our life as normal given the magnitude and gravity of abortion.
Also, please note that these three Paths apply to this current stage of the abortion battle, not necessarily the next stage.  The next stage will be addressed separately. As the Pro Life Movement progresses, society's heart will be stirred and Satan will push back. A time may come when large numbers of us must spend time in prison, lose our possessions or participate in some sort of political campaign.  Anything is possible and we must be constantly open to God's leading.  But for the time being, we feel that the "3 paths" are  good guidelines. 

Don't be surprised or afraid of the Path you must walk to end abortion.  The consequences of ending Satan's reign of terror, the taking of innocent life and the tearing out of the hearts of moms, will not come easily or without cost.  Previous social reformers, such as the 19th Century  abolitionists and 20th Century civil rights workers, are examples for us.  The cost may be high, yet the reward is ever so sweet: the end of legalized child killing and peace in the wombs of moms throughout the United States.

As we count the cost to follow Jesus and bring an end to abortion, remember the words of Jesus   " I am with you always, even to the end of time. "  (Matthew 28:20).


This is the person who commits his or her entire life to the cause of the Unborn.  Ending abortion becomes their profession.  If the church is a spear, they are its tipThink of this person in the same way that you would think of any missionary or charity worker, with one critical exception.  The pro-life professional will eventually put himself out of a job.  Jesus said that the poor would always be with us, and we know that there will always be unsaved persons who need to hear the Gospel.  But widespread,  legalized child-killing is an anomaly.  There was a time when it did not exist, and a day will come when it exists no more.  In the meantime we should acknowledge that the 21st Century American Church is in a unique situation which calls for a unique type of Christian service: the pro-life  missionary. 

The pro-life missionary needs to be free from worldly concerns so that he or she can focus on leading the fight against abortion.  Christians  should support this person just like any other missionary or church staff member (Luke 10:7).  He or she must learn to live very frugally and prove a good steward of the material blessings and opportunities provided via the faithful support of others.  Ideally this person should be single, but married persons can be doubly effective if both spouses are equally committed to the cause.

The most capable pro-life missionaries should be leaders in the Department of Pro Life which we recommend churches form.  This will be addressed under the Pastoral/Church Path to the Battle.


How does the average individual Run 2 The Battle?  The individual church member follows the most important "path" of the three, not because their responsibilities are greater than that of the professional or pastor, but because if they neglect their responsibilities, the abortion-abolition mission of the church will fall apart.  Missionaries do not necessarily need to be accompanied overseas, and church-supported charities do not necessarily require large numbers of volunteers.  But effective pro-life work does.  A church whose ordinary members are not on fire for the Unborn is a church which will fail to save any babies whatsoever. 

Every individual Christian should contribute a portion of his time, talent or money, or a combination of the three to ending abortion.  Time is probably the most important.  The call to protect and fight for the least of these is a universal call to all Believers.  It is so easy to say 'I am so busy with [fill in the blank] that I don't have time for this work'.  But think about what that means....'I do not have time to end the kiliing of over 3,200 babies every day.'

How cold, inhuman and un-Christlike it is to say we are too busy to stop mass murder. The Christian call is found in John 15:13 " Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends"  The story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:29-37 reminds us who is our neighbor and how we are to care for him.  It was the Samaritan who saw the robbed and beaten man.  "He felt compassion", binding up this stranger's wounds and taking him to safety. Are we not called to the same Christian love, to see the need of the Unborn and Run 2 the Battle before a baby is destroyed in the womb of it's own Mother?

It is so natural to want to leave it to the next person, but the call is individual, and each of us will be individually accountable to God for what we did or failed to do to end abortion.   Proverbs 24:11-12 is a stern warning to the Believer that directly applies to abortion.  It says:  "Delivery those who are being taken away to death, And those who are staggering to slaughter, O hold them back.  If you say 'See, we did not know this.' Does He not consider it, who weighs the hearts? And does He not know it who keeps your soul? And will He not render to man according to his work?"

How many Christians can honestly say before God that they do not know about abortion and what abortion does to an Unborn baby?  Very few if any can escape the challenging words of God.  How many things are more important than ending the merciless killing of babies?  Religious Leaders, what  is more urgent than the re-organization and mobilization of the Church to lead the Faithful into Battle on behalf of the Unborn?

How time is spent on behalf of the Unborn is varied.  Each person has different talents and must evaluate how to best use their talent to end abortion.  Yet make no mistake, all are called to give something.  And while it may be easist to dedicate yourself as committee member, the most crucial use of time is street level activism.  

The Battle for the Unborn must be waged and won in the streets.  Until America sees the hearts of Christians in action, demonstrating against abortion in visible ways, the Unborn will continue to die at incredible rates.

It will take courage to get out of your comfort zone and go to the streets to say 'enough is enough'.  We must be firm in our faith and our conviction that abortion is murder.  It will take not one, not hundreds but thousands upon thousands of Christians leaving the comfort of the Church and taking to the streets. As Martin Luther King, Jr wrote in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, "Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue. It seeks so to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored."

And that is the purpose of street level activism,  to elevate the issue of the Unborn, to create a tension that forces America to face the reality of abortion and make it illegal once again.

Now onto money.  To those who donate their hard earned cash to support pro-lifers and the Pro-Life Movement, I would say two things.  First, give money to those people and organizations who are engaged in street level activism and whose mission it is to end abortion (not just save individual babies).  Saving babies is good and necessay, yet saving babies will not end abortion, yet ending abortion will save all babies form abortion.

Second, give generously and sacrificially.  There are few causes greater than ending abortion.  Give and give often.  Unfortunately, money is the oil that keeps the machine going.  We donate to so many other great causes....why do we so often ignore the cause of the Unborn?

Those who give their time should dedicate at least 2 hours per week to pro-life activism, participating in the efforts organized and directed by the Church.  If the Church does not have a pro-life ministry or opportunities, volunteer with an organization in your area that is dedicated to ending abortion. 

There are many places street level activism can be utilized.  Listed below is just a few which will be discussed in greater detail later.

Places to conduct street level activism:
  •   At college campus
  •   Outside high schools
  •   On busy street corners
  •   On busy highways
  •   Outside abortion clinics
  •   Outside corporations or organizations that support abortion
  •   At marches and rallies
  •   At public demonstrations

Additionally, each person should educate themselves on the various subjects surrounding the abortion crisis. 
They should know all about:
  • God's purpose for sex
  • Abstinence and how to talk to people about it
  • Human Fetal Development
  • Risks of Abortion
  • Methods of Abortion
  • Post Abortion Complications
  • The help available to women who are considering abortion
  • How to explain to someone why abortion should be illegal
  • How to use the image of abortion's victim
Finally, each  individual should begin praying for the Unborn every single day.  We must do this because without committed prayer it is so easy for us to forget the importance of our work and the hope we have that Christ will bring us victory.


How do we recommend that a pastor/priest Run 2 The Battle?  Your position is obviously unique in that other Christians look to you for an example as to how they should act.  Though you may not feel like a "leader", it is no coincidence that you hold your position.  Who knows?  God may have placed you there for just such a time as this, to awaken the hearts of your congregation to the plight of their little neighbors.  You may never have imagined that your job would entail fighting abortion.  Likewise, the clergy of the 1770s probably never imagined that their job would entail instigating a revolution.  As always, our true "job" is to respond to the challenges God places before us.  In this light, your duty is clear.   Abortion must end, Christians are the ones to end it, and Christians need their pastors/priests to lead them. 

Given the size. scale and horrific nature of abortion, the Church must recoginize abortion for what it is, murder, mass murder of the most innocent and defenseless of all society.  And as such the Church must respond in the same manner as if 3200 born people are being killed each day....over 1.2 million born people are being killed each year.

To such an injustice, the Church must make abortion  one of the top two priorities of the Church next to evangelism.  The Church must re-organize  and mobilize to fight this fight of end abortion.

 For over 40 years abortion hase been treated as just another ministy with an emphasis on saving babies and not ending abortion.  It has been given lip service, largely ignored by the Christians.  And unfortunatley, those who have engaged in the fight for the Unborn have done so as a hobby rather than a vocation. The injustice of abortion that requires the full attention and resources of Christians and the Church alike.

Church leadership must take personal and organizatioinal responsibility to lead their congregation in Running 2 The Battle.  This will require personal and moral courage.

To be an effective leader, a pastor must begin be educating himself and his congregation in the following areas: Abstinence, Human Fetal Development, Risks of Abortion, Methods of Abortion, Post Abortion Complications, Pregnancy Center Resources, Adoption and  Post Abortion Counseling.  This must then be followed up by taking the following action:  

  1. Lead your church to the Battle
  2. Embrace the use of the victim's image
  3. Elevate pro-life work to the highest level by establishing a Department of Pro-Life
  4. Hire a Director for the Department of Pro Life and Supervisors for each of its major components to include the following:
  • Abortion Mill Project (AMP)
  • High School Project  (HSP) 
  •  Public School Project (PSP)
  • Highway and Byway Project (HBP)
  • Corporate Accountability Project (CAP)
  • Genocide Awareness Project (GAP)
  • Run 2 The Battle (R2TB)
  • Special Events Project (SEP)
  • Political Activist Project (PAP)
  • Demonstration, Marches and Rallies Project (DMRP)

As you can see, the fight to end abortion does not consist of a single, inconsistent scrummage.  But rather it takes an entire department, an entire army if you will.  Complete with a Director and Supervisors ( general and officers ) as well as a comprehensive strategy ( battle plan ).

Make no mistake, to end legalized child killing will take the full Will, Weight and Resources of the Christian Church. Our enemy, Satan, the abortion industry and the liberal mindset of America will not go away easily.  They along with women's rights advocates will fight the Church every step of the way.  And make no mistake, they are a formidable foe that is highly motivated, well organized and financed.  

A Word to All Christians and Christian Leadership

Running to the  Battle and Leading a Church to the Battle will fail  unless two things occur which are directly connected.  First, our heart must be broken for the Unborn.  The dismemberment and death of a baby in the womb of his or her own Mom, at the request of the Mom, must be so real that it literally makes us sick to the stomach and breaks our heart.

  This response comes only from the second necessary ingredient which is the Holy Spirit.  Through a close and deep relationship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, our hearts will soften.  This softening or sensitivity will in bring us to our knees as it pertains to abortion.  Scripture tells us that the  Holy Spirit will lead us into all Truth to include the truth about the injustice of abortion.  The conviction by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential to break our heart and provide us with the necessary strength and sense of purpose needed to end abortion.

The phrase "Though none go with me still I will follow" occurs in the third stanza of the old Christian hymn, I have decided to follow Jesus.  It applies perfectly to Run2The Battle.  Each child of God, each Christian, has a spiritual obligation, responsibility and privilege to follow Jesus. We have a responsibility before Our God and Father to do what is right no matter what others may do. Once we know truth we are compelled to follow it in words and action.  If our fellow man (in this case a baby) is in danger, we must act on their behalf.  If we don't, their blood is on our hands and we will be held accountable.  Regardless of whether anyone else joins or follows you, ACT.  Take personal responsibility for yourself and your family and Run 2 The Battle.  While the vast majority of Christians will not be able to leave their job and work full time on behalf of the Unborn, everyone can and should do something.

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