Why did we say those shocking things at the 2015 March for Life?

The March for Life, founded by the late Nellie Grey in 1974, has become an annual tradition amongst American pro-lifers.   It is fitting, proper and necessary that activities like the March for Life occur.  As long as abortion is legal, we who are born must never permit ourselves to forget the ongoing tragedy of abortion and our obligation to fight it.  Incredible as it may sound, however, there is a negative side to the March that hinders the pro-life cause and ultimately kills children.  

American pro-lifers, instead of using the March for Life as a motivational springboard that launches them into passionate, year-round anti-abortion activism, often go home and do little to nothing.   In the mind of many, participation in the March for Life earns a person the right to be AWOL for the rest of the year!  The Pre-born are abandoned and forgotten, save by the abortion providers who, unlike most pro-lifers, are always at work, murdering precious human beings and profiting from their deaths.

This is inexcusable.  Abortion is far too heinous of an injustice, is far too widespread, and has far too devastating an effect on our society for us to respond so passively.  Far more of us should be working professionally to end abortion.  Even more of us should be volunteering frequently and donating financially to bring its end about as fast as possible.  Almost everyone should be doing something.  It really is that important.  

The idea of fighting abortion year-round may seem strange to many people.  Many want the killing to end without giving up their comforts, plans, money and respectability.  As Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life has said, “Too many people are trying to fit the battle into their lives instead of changing their lives to fit the battle.

Many large pro-life organizations are aware of this problem, but they have not addressed it.  The messages most put forth are always and only positive, thus cementing in the minds of their supporters the false idea that their current sacrifices of prayer, voting and the occasional march or donation are adequate.  But this is not true!  

For 42 blood soaked years now we have prayed, voted and attended the March for Life, yet abortion continues.  Politicians have betrayed us and gotten away with it.  Prayers are not followed by actions.  The March for Life is ignored by the media and ceases to be a force that influences public opinion.   The thousands we save through pregnancy help centers can never make up for the millions slaughtered due to our neglect.   As we explain elsewhere on this website, saving individual babies is not the same thing as ending abortion.  Christians are capable of so much more!

Until abortion is made illegal, every Christian has a moral and spiritual responsibility to make its destruction one of the highest priorities in his or her life, sacrificing whatever time, energy and resources are necessary for victory.   We should march not once a year, but repeatedly, in every city across America.  We should fervently mobilize to teach our communities the truth about abortion, its risks and effects.  We should fearlessly embrace the use of graphic images depicting abortion’s victims (successful reformers have always used them).   We should put our faith in God’s provision and be ready to give of our finances to worthy organizations and individuals dedicated to ending this modern holocaust.  

Our presence at the March for Life was intended to convict and challenge.   We hoped to convict Christians of their apathy and challenge those who would hear us to a lifestyle of sacrificial activism each and every day of the year.  

Please consider what we are saying.  In 2015, be more than an observer of injustice.  Become the hero that Pre-born babies so desperately need.

To learn more about how you can make abortion illegal, check out the articles on this website.  

What do you live for?  Live to End Abortion!

Until love and life prevail,
The CBR Maryland team
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