High School Project
The Battle at high schools
The purpose of the High School Project (HSP) is to educate high school students on the reality of abortion. This is done by holding pictures of aborted babies at the main entrance of a high school.  By and large, school systems, both public and private, have done a horrible job on educating young people on abortion. If the subject is addressed at all, it is usually presented in a fashion that makes abortion appear to be a legitimate option for dealing with unplanned pregnancy.  The goal of HSP is to convince students that abortion is a savage act of violence that kills an innocent human being.

HSP saves babies. Images of aborted children are so real and startling that it is hard if not impossible for students to ever forget them.  Furthermore, if a student is pregnant, they may be the deciding factor that convinces her to choose life.1  HSP is a highly effective and efficient means of reaching an entire student body, as well as faculty, administration and families.  Standing outside a high school for one hour in the morning can ignite the entire community!  Administration is forced to acknowledge and inform the student body and their families about the presence of demonstrators and draw even more attention to the subject of abortion.  In an effort to avoid association with our demonstration, principals will often make loudspeaker announcements to students and write personal emails to families.

This results in thousands of students, faculty, administration and families talking about abortion which they more than likely wold never do otherwise. The plight of the Unborn is raised in the conversation and conscience of thousands upon thousands.

It is our moral obligation to educate students where the school system has failed. The decision to get sexually active which if a student gets pregnant is followed by the decision to either keep the baby and raise him or her as a single parent or kill the baby via an abortion are two life changing decision. The school system as a whole has done an cowardly and enigmic job in properly educating young people in both these area. And in particular about abortion.

Both raising a child as a single parent and killing a baby will alter a youg person for life.  Given this, why or how can the school system fila so miserable in addressing these sensitive yet critical subjects. Silence or the lack of education is killing babies and in many cases forces a woman to live a life time of pain and regret.

The school system has a moral obligation to properly and comprehensively address the following subjects so to better educate young people so at the very least they va make a better decision and hopefully a Life decision for themselves and their baby.
  1. Sex Education
  2. Abstinence
  3. Human Fetal Development
  4. Risks of Abortion
  5. Methods of Abortion
  6. Post Abortion Complications
  7. Life Options Single Parenthood
  8. Life Options Adoption
  9. Life Options Resources and Supports
Through education, young people will be better equipped to make the decisions. The school system must take these issues seriously and implements an comprehensive educational program in both middle school and high school. Abortion statistics show that of the 3300 abortion performed every day in America 18 % of those abortion are done by teenagers between the ages of 15-19 years old which is equal to 594 babies each day.

Education will help these children make better more informed decision that will reduce the number of babies killed.

Until the school boards does their job of educating young people on these subjects CBR Maryland must do it as best we can from the sidewalks outside schools.
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