The work of Run 2 The Battle is supported by those who want to see the church awakened and abortion ended.  We take great care to be good stewards of all gifts and to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the recipients of God's blessings.

Remember that all we are and all we own is granted us by God for the building of His kingdom.  We hope you believe, as we do, that the awakening of the church is one of the best ways that we can help build God's kingdom in the present day.  Please consider donating to Run 2 The Battle so that we may continue our life saving ministry and reach our goal of a church that embraces the cross and follows after her Savior, to the rescue of lives not yet born.  Search your heart and test your intentions.  As Paul says in 2 Corinthians 9:7, give not from compulsion or from a desire to do no more, but from a heart that is truly trying to live as God wishes. 

As a project of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform of Maryland, a 501(c)3 organization, donations to Run 2 The Battle are tax-deductible.  To donate, visit
(make sure to select CBR-Maryland under Designation)

or mail a check to:

CBR Maryland
P.O. Box 67
Benson, MD

We hope you will choose to partner with us in the vital work of awakening the Christian Church and finally bringing our precious babies home.  Thank you.
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