Genocide Awareness Project
The Battle at colleges
If a single demographic could be labeled as the target audience of abortion-abolitionist activism, that group would be college students.  Not only are they having the most abortions, but, due to their age and new-found liberty, they are the demographic most likely to engage in meaningful debate about controversial issues.  Their views are not yet set in stone and their psyches are not yet jaded by the flippant cynicism so prevalent in our culture.  Plus, they often seem to have a lot of free time on their hands. 

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform encourages abortion-abolitionists to visit college campuses as often as possible.  Our trademark is the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), a large display that compares abortion to recognized forms of genocide.  This is usually erected at the center of campus, and students can't ignore it.  They swarm around the display all day, reading the messages and viewing the pictures.  Pro-lifers on scene prompt discussions on the issue of abortion, many of which last for hours on end.  Pro-choicers are not always friendly, but by and large the conversations are very productive.

Even without a large photo display, abortion-abolitionists can make a big impact on campus.  Merely by showing up with a single sign, or with literature that presents the message in an interesting fashion, we can succeed in influencing a decent number of students in a short period of time.

Public institutions of higher learning belong to the people, and there is no legal difference between the sidewalk on a public campus and the sidewalk lining the streets of any city. Regrettably, the administration at many colleges are unfriendly to activists and may try to limit or prevent your activity.  This situation is slowly improving as abortion abolitionists apply pressure to universities and win recognition of our First Amendment Rights.  Do not give in!  If campus regulations are too restrictive for you to effectively get your message out, contact Center for Bio-Ethical Reform or another pro-life activism organization for help.  The opportunities available to us on a college campus are too good to pass up.
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